Up to date event calendar Malang

To help you find some interesting things to do in and around Malang, we present our "Event-calendar". We update the calendar weekly. Take a look and decide what to do. You need more information? Feel free to contact us.


Date Time Event Where Remarks
JULY 2017
 9 July - 10 July 2017       Yadnya Kasada Ceremony    Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park   Yearly current ceremony, Hindunese & Javanese culture
14- 15 July 2017    14.00 - 22.00   57 Year Adhyaksa - Bazar Muziek: Malang Analog Vintage and craft Market    Kejari Malang city Jl. Simpang Panji Suroso 5 Malang   info: 081334556635, 083834395354 email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
15 July 2017   16.00 - end   Urban GiGs Lost in London   Lapangan Rampal Malang   Event: music performance, Art Exhibition, Creative bazaar, Workshop. More info: Web: urbangigs.id, instagram: UrbanGiGs
19 -23 July 2017   10.00 - 21.00 WIB   Indonesia city Expo 2017 - Malang   Outside of Gajayana stadion   Event: Apeksi meeting, city tour, cultural carnaval, Ladeis program: Tree plantation, Indonesia city expo, cinema 7D, the best stand, Culinair fest, art performance, children playground.
20 July 2017       Reopening Party Coffee and chef Malang   Coffee and cheff Jl. Bromo 16 C Malan   Event: free coffee ( 3pm - 6pm), free coffee and french fries (6.01 pm - 11.00 pm), entertainment. Info: instagram @cncmalang, twitter: @cncmalang, facebook: Coffeeandchef Malang
22 - 23 July 2017       Meat Ball and cwie mie Fest   University of Malang   Event: traditional art, music, demo, noodle making, many kind of competition. More info: Wiwik Ph. 0812 1318 8265, Ben Ph. 0822 3148 9857
29 - 30 July 2017   08.00 - 13.00 WIB   Ranupani free from Saliva   Ranupani village hall   Clean together the lake of Ranupani from Salvinia Molesta. Registration at Ranupani village hall. It will be held in 2 days. First day you can see "Jaranan". Traditional performance from Java cultural.
29 July 2017   16.00 - end   KWB Jazz Experience   City Hall Among Tani, Batu   Guest star: Khrisna Siregar, Jeanne Phialsa. Also performanced by: Reihanditya, Brawijaya Jazz, Saxunity, Brassteam, Bteam
18 - 19 Agustus 2017       Jazz Gunung Bromo 2017   Open stage Jiwa Jawa Resort Bromo   More info at jazzgunung.com/, entrance fee tiket.jazzgunung.com/