Selfie Museum Tempo Doeloe

Make a selfie at Museum Tempo Doeloe when you visit Malang. You might become the winner of the selfie competition at June 4th, 2016. The museum is more than worth a visit as it is one of Indonesia's best museums.

Make a selfie at Museum Tempo Doeloe - 4 June 2016There are many reasons to visit this museum, but 1 of them is that it was declared the "Best privately owned museum in Indonesia" in 2015. You get to know how the area Malang came into existence, Malang's ancient history with many kingdoms and a lot of drama, the second world war, and local life as it is to day. Just to name a few reasons.

How to

You should make a selfie in the museum. Then, follow the Instagram account of the museum; @museummtd. Upload your picture with a most interesting title, and give the picture the hashtags #MuseumMTDuweGawe and #kangenNgalem.
You can also upload a selfie you already made.
The winner will be announced 4th of June 2016 at Rumah Ada-ada Aja at Jl. Jakarta no. 34 in Malang between 18.00 and 23.00. Be there!


Jl. Gajahmada no. 2, Malang.
Directions: take the street left of the town hall when you stand in front of it. Walk straight till you find the museum on your right hand, just a few houses before Restaurant Inggil.