Cooking class

Cooking class - test your senses in MalangYou wish you could cook a very delicious and traditional East Javanese meal? Don't hesitate. Shop with your local kokkie at the market and cook your meal at her house in the Kampong behind Kampong Tourist.

Shop and bargain at the local market

The market Klojen is at its best in the morning; abundant and fresh. Your guide and most often also your cook (kokki) will accompany you. They will explain whatever you wish to know and more. After you feel comfortable, you can shop yourself. Once all ingredients are complete and you shopped whatever you wish to bring, you will be guided to the kokki’s house in the kampong just behind Kampong Tourist.

Cook in a minimalist kitchen with maximal taste

After getting acquainted with the kokki’s housemates, install yourself. Just sit on the floor and start preparing the food. Listen to your kokki, she will give you instructions. It might take two to three hours to cook. While cooking you can start making notes and ask whatever you want, not necessarily related to cooking.


You can choose one of the menus below. First make the decision whether you like vegetarian, fish or meat (including chicken).

Menu with meat

 First menuSecond menuThird menu
1 Kare ayam kampong Opor ayam / kare ayam kampong Ayam kampong bubuk rujak
2 Empal Empal / rendang Lapis daging / rendang daging
3 Tempe & tahu Perkedel tahu / bakwan jagung Bakwan jagung
4 Krupuk udang Peyek Peyek
5 Cah kangkung / daun singkong Cah kangkung Sayur asem
6 Sambal kentang Mendol Orek tahu & tempe
7 Rice Rice Rice


Vegetarian menu

 First menuSecond menuThird menu
1 Perkedel Lodeh tempe & tahu / sayur asem Lodeh manisa / nangka mudah
2 Bakwan Bakwan / sambal trasi Perkedel / sambal trasi
3 Orek-orek Orek-orek Satu telur puyuh kecap / balado
4 Cah kangkung / daun singkong Bali telor Tumis kacan & tempe
5 Balado egg Mendol Mendol
6 Peyek Peyek Peyek
7 Rice Rice Rice


Menu with fish

 First menuSecond menuThird menu
1 Gurami asem mani Bali bandeng / ikan acar kunung Pepes ikan / gurame / mangut lele
2 Urap-urap Bakwan Bakwan
3 Peyek Peyek Peyek
4 Mendol Sambal trasi Sambel trasi
5 Lodeh Tahu / tempe goren Orek-orek
6 Sayur asem Sayur asem Sayur asem
7 Rice Rice Rice


Price per person for a cooking class with Kampong Tourist

 1 person2 people3 people4 people
Vegetarian menu 380,000 230,000 180,000 155,000
Menu with meat 420,000 270,000 220,000 190,000
Menu with fish 400,000 250,000 200,000 170,000