Cycling tours

cycling tours malang by Kampong Tourist

Cycling gives you the opportunity to feel part of the community; everybody notices you, and you get to see, smell, and feel everything. Indonesian life is very friendly as it is an open and social setting. Come along with one of our happy guides.

Relaxing cycling tours

Kampong Tourist offers 2 relaxing cycling tours which gain you a lot of memories.

1. City tour by bike

An approximately four hours guided cycling tour through the center and the ‘outskirts’ of Malang. Slightly hilly at some points and a short climb to the temple.
Highlights: Tugu roundabout, bird market, alun-alun, Chinese temple, Pasar Besar, Cigarette museum, Arabic kampong, Kayu tangan street, Muslim cemetery, local bridge, Dinoyo market and ceramics home industry, University Brawijaya, stone home industry, temple Badut, Ijen Boulevard, football stadium

2. Cycling village tour around Malang

A tour through rural area and villages south of Malang. You will also see some home industry (tiles, bricks, cigarettes), local activities and whatever comes along.

Price in IDR for a cycling tour by Kampong Tourist

City tour 340,000 215,000 180,000 160,000
Village tour 390,000 240,000 195,000 170,000