Date with Mt. Panderman - hiking

Hike at Mt. Panderman - East Java, IndonesiaMt. Panderman (2,045 m) is one of the mountains you can see from the rooftop of Kampong Tourist. Spend a day outdoors, splendid views and a good experience. A guide will show you the route and will be your friend.


Info about Mt. Panderman

Mt. Panderman is well-known as the natural icon of Batu city. Wherever you are in Batu, this mountain can be seen clearly and always is an interesting background. Although the peak doesn’t seem too high, you will need some stamina and inexhaustible energy to reach it. If by chance you are visiting Batu’s town square - famous for its Ferris wheel - then this mountain with an altitude 2,045 m will be a “Lovely Backdrop”.

Latar Ombo - post

You will first meet the post called Latar Ombo at an altitude of 1,600 m asl. You can reach this post in about 1 hour from the post where the water source. Usually the climbers will be camping here because of it has the quite wide space.

Watu Gede - post

The next post is called Watu Gede and situated at 1,730 m asl. Watu Gede means big stones. Indeed there are many big stones to be found at this post. The wind at Post Watu Gede is quite strong. That is why only a few hikers like to camp at this post.
The road to the summit will pass green grass land and at some points it is a little heavy. Just enjoy it, as the road isn't that long.

Puncak Basudara - summit

Once you arrived at the peak of the mountain - called Basudara, and has an altitude of 2,045 m asl - you will see Mt. Arjuno, Mt. Welirang and Batu city.

Price per person in IDR for a guided 1 day tour to Mt. Panderman

 Type of transport1234
By public transport 650,000 390,000 300,000 260,000
By motorbike 650,000 390,000 260,000 240,000

Note: If you choose to travel by motorbike, be sure you can ride a motorbike (minimal 100cc), as by motorbike includes only 1 guide. If you wish another driver for the second or the third motorbike, additional costs are involved.
"By public transport" is expensive compared to "by motorbike" as we need to hire an ojek (motor taxi) to get to the starting point for hiking and back to the public bus after the hike.