Share your hand & happiness at orphanage Al Kaaf Jabung

Local tour to the orphanage Al Kaaf in Jabung village near Malang - East Java, IndonesiaA child without imagination is no longer a child. Visit 100 children in the orphanage Al Kaaf in Jabung village 25 km east of Malang. Leave your footprint behind in another world. What you get in return, you will know once you live the experience.

One day tour to the orphanage Al Kaaf

You will leave in the morning in the direction of Pakis, which is a slightly bigger village near Jabung and on the main road. In Pakis you will turn left after the market to get to the village Jabung, where you will find the orphanage Al Kaaf.
The youngest children are ‘at home’ the main part of the day, while the older ones drop in starting at 11 am. Relax in an atmosphere that is special, a Muslim community in a small village in East Java. Just see what is going on, join in, taste the children’s spirit and boost their self esteem, and exchange knowledge. If you feel at ease and have seen the area of the orphanage, start organizing your activity. You can't expect 100 children to come along. Pick those who are interested and naturally some others will follow.
You are also free to come along on their daily activities including praying at the mosk, cleaning, cooking, doing homework, etc.

Preparations before departure to the orphanage Al Kaaf

Prepare an activity to do with the children, for example: playing soccer (bring a (few) football(s)), drawing (bring the necessary equipment), photographing (bring at least your camera), wandering into nature and learn the children what there is to wander about, drying plants, collecting …, etc.

Regulations at the orphanage

It is an absolutely must to follow the rules:
1.    Drinking alcohol anywhere on the property of the orphanage or in the village is forbidden
2.    You are invited in a Muslim community, dress accordingly
3.    Respect the children the way they are
4.    Women are not allowed to smoke
5.    It is not allowed to leave the orphanage with children without the permission of the owners
6.    Follow whatever the owners ask you to do

Price per person in IDR to visit the orphanage Al Kaaf - by Kampong Tourist

Type of transport123456
Public transport 230,000 130,000 115,000 75,000 75,000 70,000
Motorbike 260,000 185,000 130,000 125,000 125,000 110,000
Private car 500,000 250,000 180,000 135,000 125,000 115,000

Note: if you choose to go by motorbike and traveling with more than 1 participant, one of the participants will have to drive a motorbike as well as only 1 guide is coming. If the participants don't want to drive, another "guide"/driver will have to come along, which costs IDR 125,000 per extra "guide"/driver.