Sophisticated temples in and around Malang

Temples in and around MalangMalang's old history can partly read at the temples you can find within the city and surrounding it. Five temples with a story are waiting for you; Badut, Kidal, Jago, Singosari and Sumberawan. Their locations make it even more interesting.

Five temples in and near Malang

To find the real story about temples on the internet is always difficult, as all stories differ. Just visit the sites and discover locally, more and more information is available on the spot.

Badut temple

Badut temple is one of the oldest temples in East Java and is a legacy of King Gajayana, who was the ruler of the Kanjuruhan Kingdom. The temple was built in 760 AD and is near Malang's city center.

Kidal temple

The oldest temple in East Java had beautiful reliefs depicting the legends of Garuda.

Jago temple

The temple was originally built by the king Kertanegara Wisnuwardhana. He built it to honor his father who died in 1268 AD.


Singosari temple

The kingdom of Singosari was founded in 1222 AD by a commoner named Ken Arok. He managed to marry the princess Ken Dedes of Janggala after she murdered her husband.

Sumberawan temple

The temple is known by the public for its magical powers. The springs under the temple's 'stupas' are considered sacred. More than a few visitors take a bath or bring some water home.

Price per person in IDR for a temple tour in and around Malang

GuideType of transport12345
Student Motorbike full service 370,000 300,000 250,000 250,000 225,000
  Motorbike 220,000 170,000 115,000 115,000 95,000
Staff KT Motorbike full service 420,000 325,000 260,000 260,000 235,000
  Motorbike 270,000 195,000 130,000 130,000 105,000

1. If your are traveling with more than 1 participants, your friends will have to drive a motorbike as well. If you wish another guide/driver, you will have to pay IDR 125,000 extra per guide/driver
2. "Motorbike full service" by motorbike includes local lunch, mineral water, Indonesian cookies, entrance fees to all temples, motorbike with fuel, and a guide
3. "Motorbike" includes motorbike with fuel and a guide