Restaurant Inggil

Inggil restaurant serves traditional original Javanese food. Some dishes are very spicy, others not at all. The restaurant itself is decorated with lots of antiques from the Dutch colonial era. This in addition to - most often - a traditional performance,a unique atmosphere is created.

Since the opening of Restaurant Inggil in 2004, it has become very popular by both locals and interional guests. The front part of the restaurant is an old Dutch house, while at the back an airy bamboo construction is added. The restaurant is decorated with antiques, old pictures (with description) and Javanese masques. The waiters wear traditional clothes, while Javanese music will entertain your ears. In front a souvenir shop decorates the entrance.

Entertainment at Inggil Restaurant

Every evening a performance is carried out. Fridays are set for gamelan, the Javanese traditional music, Saturdays are for keroncong, the Indonesian traditional music which can make you relax, Wednesdays are for jazz. Every noon (12.00-14.00) is set for a Javanese mask dance.