Badut temple

Badut temple MalangThe temple Badut is located in the middle of a residential area in Malang, near the area called Tidar. This simple makes the temple unique. The temple was found in 1921 by a Dutch inspector and restored in 1925-1926.

E.W. Maureen Brechter, the Dutch inspector, found Badut temple covered with trees and ground. The temple was restored in 1925-1926 by De Haan, the Head of Archeology. The last restoration was done in 1991-1992 by the Indonesian government.
Candi Badut might be one of the oldest temples in East Java at it is suspected to have been built in 760 DC.

Funny details

There are 3 possible reasons for the name Badut. The first one is that one could find badut trees at the area of the temple, a kind of jackfruit tree. It can also refer to the king Liswa, who might have built this temple. In Old Javanese Liswa means clown. The hird option can be found in Sanskrit; “Bha-dyut”. “Bha” means star Agastya and “Dyut” means ray. So Badut could be referring to the ray of star Agastya (source: Whether one of these explanations is correct???

Address, accessibility, and entrance fee Badut temple Malang

Address: Jl. Candi no. 5 - Malang
Accessibility: take the blue mini bus with the letters "AT" in front of Kampong Tourist. Get off at the Tidar bus station. Then it is about 150 meters walking.
Entrance fee: you can make a donation when you register yourself as a visitor