Bentoel History Museum Malang

Bentoel company is one of a big cigarette company in easjava. It has a museum and a company in Malang. The museum tell you about a history from Bentoel. Bentoel starts from little house then grows into a big company. You will see many pictures that tell you about a history of Bentoel, how it grows bigger and how the founding father first time sells the cigarettes.

Bentoel museum also shows all many pictures from founding father of Bentoel company.When you come inside the museum, you will see a clean place and good care stuff. This place show you the picture of first factory from Bentoel cigarette, the first house where they sold their cigarette and many else. Bentoel company knows as one of a big company in east Java. They sell their product in Indonesia and in abroad. Enter the museum area, you can see a guest chair. This museum was house where Ong Hok Liok stars the first business from Bentoel starts by Ong Hok Liok. Museum Bentoel is open for public. By visiting this museum give many lesson about a spirit of entrepreneurship

Address and Opening hours of Bentoel Museum
Jl. Wiromargo no 32 Malang 65137.
Open: 08.00 – 15.00