Ijen Boulevard Malang Street


Jl. Ijen Malang1Ijen Boulevard is a street in Malang city. This street quiet famous among tourist from other country specially tourist from the Netherlands.  It was built on the Netherlands governments era. Ir. EA Voonerman (1923 – 1933) was the mayor of Malang city who designed the urban planning. He helped by Ir. Herman Thomas Karsten to designed  Ijen Boulevard street, and Ijen Boulevard was one of his big idea.

Ijen Boulevard has a wide street and King palm trees in front of the houses. This street  starts from Bundaran Simpang Balapan street and end at quarter of Kawi street.  Many houses with dutch architecture was decorated this street, but today many from the houses are renovated by the owner.  A military museum and a public library of Malang also can be found in this street.  A car free day is held by local government every week in this area. You can walk on the street without a car or a motorbike passing you when you come in at car free day every sunday. It starts at 06.00 – 10.00 AM in sunday. In the end of Ijen Boulevard street, you can see an old catholic church. This church also build by Dutch goverment.

How To Get There:

Ijen Boulevard street is easy to find, you can walk there or go by public transportation there. Here the route if you go there on foot and start from Kampong Tourist:  Kampong Tourist (Jl. Pattimura)-  Jl. Suropati – Jl. Kahuripan – Jl.Semeru – Ijen Boulevard.

The other way is go there by public transportation: 

Start from Kampong Tourist, when you go out from the hotel, turn to your left and keep walking till you find a crossroad. You have to across the street and wait a blue car with the letter “AL”. You can stop at Ijen Boulevard street. 

If you go there on foot, it gives you more experience. You will pass big soutadium of Malang named Gajayana stadium and big shopping center in Malang named MOG.