Toko Oen in Malang

Toko Oen in Malang - since 1930Toko Oen. It all began in 1910 in Yogyakarta. Toko Oen Malang is not run by direct descendents of the family but is still selling under the trademark. The recipes aren't the originals as invented by late mrs. Liem Gien Nio. Only the setting is still orginal.

Toko Oen is for you taste of old times. Original recipes aren't served anymore although Dutch food is still on the menu, but served with an Indonesian twist.

Short history

In 1910 mrs. Liem Gien Nio - wife of mr. Oen Tjoen Hok - started in Yogyakarta. She opened there the first "Oen’s Cookies Store”. In the year 1922 this cookies store underwent a transformation from just selling cookies to an ice cream parlour and later on the restaurant was added as well. The kitchen was based on the Dutch, Indonesian, and Chinese tastes. Toko Oen Malang opened its doors in 1930, before two other branches in Jakarta (1934) and Semarang (1936) were opened.

In 1973 the Toko Oen in Jakarta was bought by ABN Bank and demolished the building, to rebuilt a modern office facility. In 1990 the Malang branch was bought as well. Luckily, the local government prohibitted to transfer Toko Oen into a car showroom. The frontside of Toko Oen was not to be changed as it was Oen's identity. The new owner then decided to continue with Toko Oen. According to Oen's descendents in Semarang, Oen trademark is used illegaly in Malang's branch. "The current management of Toko “OEN” Malang does not reflect any of the aspects nor the recipes that were “invented” by the late mrs. Liem Gien Nio and mr. Oen Tjoen Hok" (source:

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