Tugu monument

Tugu monument in MalangMonument Tugu depicts the struggle and the spirit of the people of Malang. Take a deeper look to find all the symbols and their meaning. The statue was opened in 1953 by Indonesia's first president Soekarno.

You can find Tugu monument on the second "town square" of Malang. Tugu roundabout is located in the administrative part of the town and in front of Malang's town hall.

Short history

The first attempt to build the statue was in 1947. Before it got finished and opened it was destroyed by the Dutch, who were not yet willing to give up on their colony. After Indonesia got officially independent in August 1949, the monument was resurrected and opened in 1953.

One can find a number of symbols at Tugu monument. The chain stands for unity in Indonesia's fight for freedom. The stairs shaped in the number 4 and 5 illustrates the year of freedom, namely 1945, although officially Indonesia gained independence in 1949. The monument is build within a fish pond with red and white lotus. These flowers symbolize Indonesian's courage.

Actually, Malang has 2 town "squares". The oldest one is called alun-alun and is really square. You can find the square alun-alun in front of the post office.