Mt. Panderman in Batu - local tours by Kampong Tourist, MalangMt. Panderman (2,045 m) is one of the mountains you can see from the rooftop of Kampong Tourist. Spend a day outdoors, splendid views and a good experience. A guide will show you the route and will be your friend.

cycling village tour 500 120Cycling gives you the opportunity to feel part of the community; everybody notices you, and you get to see, smell, and feel everything. Indonesian life is very friendly as it is an open and social setting. Come along with one of our happy guides.

Tea plantation Wonosari in Lawang - East JavaThe old colonial plantation high in Lawang's mountains is one of the few tea plantations you can find in East Java. Didn't have a chance to visit an extensive plantation in West Java, take your chances as Wonosari is bueatifully situated.

The jago temple in TumpangMalang's old history can partly read at the temples you can find within the city and surrounding it. Five temples with a story are waiting for you; Badut, Kidal, Jago, Singosari and Sumberawan. Their locations make it even more interesting.

Paragliding in Batu - East JavaSome things you can do on a regular day to Batu village: eat roasted maize while experiencing a stunning view over Malang city, relax in a hot spring with sulphuric water directly from the spring, dare to eat tofu after you visited the factory, and visit rural areas with its friendly inhabitants...

Cooking class with Kampong TouristYou wish you could cook a very delicious and traditional East Javanese meal? Don't hesitate. Shop with your local kokkie at the market and cook your meal at her house in the Kampong behind Kampong Tourist.