Jl. Ijen Malang1Ijen Boulevard is a street in Malang city. This street quiet famous among tourist from other country specially tourist from the Netherlands.  It was built on the Netherlands governments era. Ir. EA Voonerman (1923 – 1933) was the mayor of Malang city who designed the urban planning. He helped by Ir. Herman Thomas Karsten to designed  Ijen Boulevard street, and Ijen Boulevard was one of his big idea.

Bentoel company is one of a big cigarette company in easjava. It has a museum and a company in Malang. The museum tell you about a history from Bentoel. Bentoel starts from little house then grows into a big company. You will see many pictures that tell you about a history of Bentoel, how it grows bigger and how the founding father first time sells the cigarettes.

Inggil restaurant serves traditional original Javanese food. Some dishes are very spicy, others not at all. The restaurant itself is decorated with lots of antiques from the Dutch colonial era. This in addition to - most often - a traditional performance,a unique atmosphere is created.

Houten Hand cafe for coffee, beer and some food - Malang, East JavaThis small cafe with some tables on a rooftop offers drinks and food. This new cafe with a lot of history just opened in June 2012. You can find this cafe on the busy road to Surabaya near the city center. Visitors are a mix of foreigners and locals.

Badut temple MalangThe temple Badut is located in the middle of a residential area in Malang, near the area called Tidar. This simple makes the temple unique. The temple was found in 1921 by a Dutch inspector and restored in 1925-1926.

Eng An Kiong Chinese temple - MalangThe word ‘klenteng’ or ‘kelenteng’ is derived from the sound of the bell: ‘teng’, ‘teng’, ‘teng’. Then the Indonesians named it Kelenteng. It embraces three faiths; "Ji" (Konghucu), "Sik" (Budhism), and "Too" (Taoism).

Toko Oen in Malang - since 1930Toko Oen. It all began in 1910 in Yogyakarta. Toko Oen Malang is not run by direct descendents of the family but is still selling under the trademark. The recipes aren't the originals as invented by late mrs. Liem Gien Nio. Only the setting is still orginal.

Bird market MalangThe bird market is a colourful and a lively place to meet all kinds of animals, not just birds. Locals love national and international birds as it symbolizes wealth and is as important as a house, a wife and a keris (dagger). Get a glimpse into local culture.

Tugu monument in MalangMonument Tugu depicts the struggle and the spirit of the people of Malang. Take a deeper look to find all the symbols and their meaning. The statue was opened in 1953 by Indonesia's first president Soekarno.

Hawai Waterpark MalangActually Hawaii Waterpark is Malang's first theme park: waves and slides. It is all about having fun. Unload your tenses in a few hours, laugh unexhaustely. As there are several areas and also undeep pools, it is suitable for families as well.